Amtrol RP-25HP Pressuriser 25 GPM

Amtrol RP-25HP Pressuriser 25 GPM

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    Amtrol RP-25HP Pressuriser 25 GPM. The AMTROL High Performance Pressuriser (RP-HP Series) is a pre-packaged system perfect for single and multi-family dwellings and can truly increase the water pressure in your home. High water pressure has enormous benefits, not only regarding comfort and convenience, but also in improving how appliances operate. The AMTROL High Performance Pressuriser; is designed for cold drinking water applications where the supply of city water pressure is at or above a flow pressure minimum of 10 psig where the pressure is considered too low to meet household standards. Make living with inadequate water pressure a distant memory.Amtrol RP-25HP Pressuriser Benefits:; Dishwasher performs better; Dishes are cleaner; Turf/irrigation system provides better coverage; Eliminates brown spots on lawn; Faster water from fixtures; More power in your shower; Multiple fixtures; Higher delivery pressureAmtrol RP-25HP Pressuriser Features:Anybody can pump up pressure with standard off-the-shelf pump and tank components, however AMTROL does it right. The AMTROL High Performance Pressuriser has been designed from the ground up specifically for pressure boosting applications. The High Performance Pressuriser incorporates special safety features designed to protect your product, prevent pump burn-out and optimize performance. The AMTROL High Performance Pressuriser; is only one of a full line of quality AMTROL products designed, engineered and built by professionals for professionals.Amtrol RP-25HP Pressuriser Specifications:; The pump motor is designed for use with single phase 60 Hz Ac.; All models are pre-wired for 115 Volt.; All pumps can be re-wired to be used with 230 Volt.; The power for your pump must be on a separate circuit. Use a 20 amp. circuit with 115 volt and use a 15 amp. circuit with 230 Volt.; Maximum Temperature Rating = 110;FSee images for unit specific specifications.* Additional charge for residential delivery.

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