Rinnai RUR199e Super High Efficiency Plus Condensing Outdoor Gas Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai RUR199e Super High Efficiency Plus Condensing Outdoor Gas Tankless Water Heater

82.50 LBS
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    Rinnai RUR199e (REU-NP3237W-US) Sensei Residential External Condensing Tankless Water Heater, 199000 BTU, with Recirculation Pump

    100 years of smart comfort. For nearly a century, Rinnai has been fiercely committed to delivering a smarter kind of comfort. With headquarters in Japan and a network of 20 subsidiaries and 86 sales offices in 13 countries, this commitment has made us one of the world’s largest gas appliance manufacturers. Our value-added products continue to stay in step with the demands of a changing world.

    The highest standards of quality. Rinnai employs more than 600 research and development engineers, all focused on uncompromising quality in design and manufacturing. Advanced automation and precision assembly processes have made our manufacturing facilities an industry model for efficiency. Throughout the world, our standards for quality remain unsurpassed.
    • Every product undergoes live testing before shipping
    • One of the few tankless water heater manufacturers with its own state-of-the-art Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Certified Testing Laboratory, including CSA accredited lab technicians
    • All products have been approved by the CSA and adhere to the strict standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

    With an enhanced combustion design, the Rinnai SENSEI Tankless Water Heater provides a better experience for both users and installers. Like all Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters, it's also vertically integrated. That means all key components are manufactured by Rinnai — to ensure Rinnai quality.

    Circ-Logic Recirculation Technology

    Rinnai Circ-Logic recirculation technology allows users to set  recirculation patterns that coincide with their hot water usage patterns. Hot water is available when needed, without the expense of circulating it during times of inactivity. Two recirculation modes are available:

    • Dedicated Mode - With a dedicated return line, the integrated pump recirculates water from the tankless water heater through the return line and back to the heater.
    • Crossover Mode - In applications where a dedicated return line is not available or is difficult to install, ThermaCirc360 technology allows for the simple installation of a Thermal Bypass Valve (included with purchase) at the fixture farthest away from the water heater.

    Condensing Technology for Colder Climates The Rinnai SENSEI offers freeze protection down to -4°F (for outdoor units) or -22°F (for indoor units) through:

    • NEW integrated check valve that prevents backflow from outside cold air
    • NEW Fiber Mesh Premix Burner
    • Integrated logic to temporarily activate the unit in extreme cold climates

    Most Flexible Venting in the Industry:

    • The Rinnai Sensei can go in an old condensing vent system for replacement if needed, but new installs can use smaller, lighter, less expensive concentric venting. 
    • Concentric or Schedule 40 PVC/CPVC
    • Direct Vent (Concentric and Twin Pipe)
    • Non-Direct Vent (Room Air)
    • Common Vent (Direct Vent and Room Air)
    • 14 possible vent configurations
    • 9 compatible vent manufacturers
    Now Including 2" Venting Options:
    • Unit requires only a single penetration through the wall, reducing install time and costs
    • Simple positive-fit components offer a secure connection
    • Joint seals expand and contract with weather to prevent damage
    • Assembly and adjustment are easy
    Easy Installation and Serviceability:
    • Adjustable Mounting Plate
    • A versatile design lets you handle variable installations due to varying stud alignment.
    Easy Parameter Adjustments:
    • Installation is more efficient with easily accessible control panel
    • Wi-Fi Technology for Remote Monitoring and Management
    • Controls are integrated on internal and external models
    • A parameter adjustment can be made for greater hot water flow (up to 11 GPM) in areas with a low delta T
    • Simply use the arrows on the controller to select a setting number
    Quick & Easy Gas Conversion: An inexpensive conversion kit requires just three simple steps.
    Convenient Isolation Valves + PRV: The pressure relief valve assembly can rotate 360o to accommodate the installation of isolation valves in any application.





    RUR Series Installation and Operation Manual

    Rinnai RURe Spec Sheet

    Rinnai SENSEI Brochure

    Rinnai Ground Water Temperature Map

    Energy Guide

    Find a Rinnai-Trained Installer

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